CES'S Online Ordering App

Flipdish is everything you need to take orders direct from your own sites and apps, offer digital ordering from kiosks or phones, and grow your business with marketing and loyalty campaigns.

You don’t want to spend time integrating online ordering into your business.

You just want it to work.

This direct integration is built to connect Flipdish to CES software quickly and easily and creates an all-in-one solution to help you run your business operations more efficiently. Other features as part of the direct integration include auto-accept, split printing, menu changes, product hide, to name but a few.

Within CES you can program departments, products, condiments, menus, tenders and vouchers seamlessly and centrally. Flipdish orders are automatically downloaded to the master terminal and can be accessed from all tills using the FLIPDISHORDERS button. The Flipdish orders button will flash when orders are waiting to be accepted and will flash when new orders come in and will continue to flash until all orders have been accepted.

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